on why I started a new blog

After briefly editing my “About Me” page earlier this morning, I thought it might be helpful (for me) if I wrote out just what is the focus of this blog. If I can make a few connections among friends and scholars–that would be great.

My goal is to share some of my thoughts and responses to things going on in the world of art history and Byzantine studies. I’d love to document my travels, but I don’t have any research trips planned. I’d also love to be an informative source about news and changes in art history or Byzantine studies, but there are others who are much more on top of these things than me.

Writing, researching, and teaching are the things that take most of my attention every day. I also like learning about new digital technologies and how they enhance our experience with visual and material culture from the past. But new doesn’t necessarily mean better. For example, I spent a lot of time building up collections and notes in Zotero thinking this is how research is done in the new digital age.  But after years of trying to make it work I just had to say goodbye.  I was spending too much time developing good entries and taking careful notes, and not enough time actually writing. Also, my comments and questions about my research were buried within notes fields in the hierarchy of folders and files. So, I’ve reverted to spiral notebooks and ballpoint pens for taking notes and developing my research into analytical discussions. Sometimes old tech is perfect.

I watch TV, use my iPhone almost continuously everyday, tool around on Facebook several times a day, and make tons of lists (to do and must do lists, things to read, groceries, emails to send, and so on). I recently started collecting coupons because none of the other activities in my day bring in much money. And I probably spend too much time griping about challenging relationships and situations. I’ll try to edit out the downers… I am a wife and a mother as well as a graduate student, so sometimes I get a little busy and don’t have time to blog.

So that’s a bit more about the focus of this blog. I’m happy to hear from you and am always open to learning about new projects in the digital humanities. Time for more coffee!

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