Friday’s meditation

A friend recently made a comment about how he was just coming to terms with a new insight.  I’ve been inspired by his reflection for a few days because it puts things I see as challenges into perspective and helps distill my core being from my mess of emotions.

It is up to me to do and to become.

I’ve spent a lot of time this past year swamped by bad emotions feeling overwhelmed, used, and fearful. Most of the time when I talk with other dissertation writers they also share some significant emotional drama that puts them in a fragile state of being. Not that all graduate students are walking around like stunned zombies, but we all know something of the personal journey and sacrifice that goes into writing a thesis.

I don’t want to fragile. I want to be finished—and employed! It is up to me to do and to become.

Another friend made a startling statement that she has little interest in emotions when it comes to the work of graduate school. She finds it boring and even irritating to hear students gripe about their feelings and anxieties. There is something to be said about that attitude—fretting about the thesis isn’t actually the same thing as working on said thesis. Ultimately, too much time spend on the fretting will take away from actually doing the work. And that’s all the thesis is—200+ pages of hard work.

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