#AcWriMo: Academic Writing Month

#AcWriMo starts today!

That means my most intense month ever begins today as I attempt to meet my academic writing month goals of finishing two chapters.

I will finish drafting the current chapter on Patronage and send to my committee on Monday, November 5.  This is long overdue and I need to submit this as a way of taking ownership of my project.

I will finish the chapter on Materiality and send an abstract based on this chapter to a conference on the substance of sacred place (abstracts due November 30).

In order to meet my goals I need to put aside my feelings and fears. I’ll probably have to revisit strategies to get past impostor syndrome, but knowing how I feel about my project won’t help me finish my project.


  1. Write solid draft patronage chapter by Monday, November 5
  2. Revise patronage chapter (I expect edits from one reader almost immediately) by Friday, November 9
  3. Revise materiality chapter by Friday, November 16
  4. Submit abstract to conference on the substance of sacred place by November 30


I exhibit clear thinking. I read paying attention to argument. I write what needs to be written. I use outlines to keep me moving forward instead of reworking what has already been written.

I will finish these chapters because I will show my readers that I am capable of completing this project. The sooner I finish these chapters, the sooner I can move on to the next phase with more readers and more opportunities, and then graduating from grad school.  

I make deadlines and stick to them.  I write at least two long paragraphs everyday and send my advisors progress reports on Fridays.  I describe my progress on my blog because I need to be accountable to others. Progress on finishing these chapters is a better motivator than money. I will write every single day, even Saturdays and Sundays, because keeping the chain unbroken means staying motivated. 

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