Day 2: #AcWriMo

Today, I translated from Greek the inscription on the bottom of my icon. I read about Theodore II Palaeologos and worked on the French article by Durand about Gothic innovations in Palaeologan gold-work. I felt I needed to print out the whole thing in order to be able to better skim, highlight, and translate the pertinent sections. 54 pages, double-sided took half an hour to print—blurg. Tonight I’ll work on revising my outline, rearranging what I’ve written to align with that outline, and writing about Theodore II. From yesterday’s manifesto: “I write at least two long paragraphs everyday and send my advisors progress reports on Fridays.” That means in addition to writing my juicy paragraphs, I’ll need to shoot off a short message. What should I say?

Meanwhile, I’ll need to remove my mistaken references to Theodore I and return to researching John Kantakouzenos. Could he have been despotes in Thessaloniki??

I found a prayer for scholars attributed to St. Thomas of Aquinas. This is just a cut and paste job from another blog; no translation from the original Latin. Nothing like reading a brilliant philosopher refer to his talents as “obscure intelligence.”

Ineffable Creator, You who are the true source of life and wisdom and the Principle on which everything depends, be so kind as to infuse in my obscure intelligence a ray of your splendor that may take away the darkness of sin and ignorance. Grant me keenness of understanding, ability to remember, measure and easiness of learning, discernment of what I read, rich grace with words. Grant me strength to begin well my studies; guide me along the path of my efforts; give them a happy ending. You who are true God and true Man, Jesus my Savior, who lives and reigns forever. Amen

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