Making the time to focus and write on Saturdays and Sundays is one of my bigger challenges. Or, rather, coordinating with Husband and finding other childcare arrangements is the challenge. All five of our usual babysitters were unavailable today and Husband is at an all-day conference.  Tomorrow is the usual routine of church in the morning followed by lunch usually thrown together with whatever ingredients are in the fridge and naps for all of us after our high-energy morning. I can be hard to find the energy to work at the computer in the middle of the afternoon as soon as our son has started his nap.

I tried getting up earlier this morning, but was just too tired to pull it off.  I really need to go to bed earlier, perhaps right after our son falls asleep, so that I can make the most of early mornings.

In order for me to meet my writing goal for today, I need to use my Saturday-afternoon nap-time to write, even though I just want to sleep on the couch with the kitties. And I need to slip away downstairs as soon as Husband returns from his conference. I usually feel a lot of guilt about making this move—Husband wants to debrief about his work and is often tired when returning home—but letting those types of feelings sabotage my productivity means not meeting my goals, and I can’t let that happen. All parents feel tired, but we have to be the parents anyway.

PS: I am too chicken to add my name to the AcWriMo spreadsheet. This is probably a bad thing and exemplifies my risk-adverse-nature.