#AcWriMo: Day 12

Setting my timer and will work on integrating parts of old writing into this new chapter draft. I have my documents open: outline, notes, draft. I use split screen to go from the more recent draft in the upper portion of the document to the older version of the chapter below.

Remember to give myself time at the end of the day, from around 4 PM on, to edit what I’ve written. Use that time as I re-read what I’ve written to write notes to myself about unresolved issues and questions I’d like to engage. And use that last hour to identify where I should start with my next writing session.

I really want this to be done, to be good enough, to address enough of the basic issues that I can share this with my readers and move forward to other chapters. And I don’t want to get sick of this one before I share it.

My meditation for today:

I am a very good writer. 
I ask questions that highlight the most important aspects of my subject.
Ideas and questions that arise but don’t fit in the current paragraph go in my Notes document.
I read to research the unresolved issues.
I tell the story of the icon describing what it looks like, how it was made, and why it matters.
I will receive constructive criticism from my readers–it is their job to push my work to be better and I want to honour their hard work, care, and attention to my project.

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