Prolific Writing

One area where I need to improve is the speed at which I produce new material. Finding my voice as a writer is all well and good, but doesn’t really mean much if I don’t have anything to show for it.

I’ve asked friends how they are prolific as writers—how do you increase your volume of writing? How do you bring into existence more interesting, insightful, and intelligent writing? How do you create new material? invent and produce new writing?

One friend replied that the key to his prolific pace is clear thinking. And I can relate to that. Certainly having a clear head that is not preoccupied with distracting and negative thoughts frees up a lot of mental-power for composition!

A common recommendation is to over-commit and bite off more than you can chew. I do this a lot. The key to this one is to actually do the things I’ve committed to, but I have a hard time bringing things to completion. But the deadline facing me in a week is forcing me to find a new way of believing in my abilities to revise and edit in time.

This link has a few other tips.

The common denominator seems to be something about keeping the writing project front and centre. There are lots of new ways of using our computers and phones for writing projects, but the best for me is to actually just keep paper around and write on scraps, on the printed-out draft of the piece, wherever. And another way that works for me to create new material is to—surprise—start a new document. There is some strange psychological hang-up I have about trying to integrate new material into an old text. A new document allows me to just put something out there, give it some shape and get it clear, and then cut/paste into the old document.


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