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Yesterday was the first session in our Parent and Tot Swimming class and I forgot to go.

I’ve been talking about starting swim classes with our son for weeks. I stressed about getting up early on the morning registration began, and I stressed about signing up for the “right” classes. I emailed the Athletic Centre office about getting a summer membership pass. I remember thinking to myself that the first week of swimming overlaps with the last week of SportBall. I had that nagging feeling I needed to get the class schedule onto my calendar so I’d prepared. I endured that anxious feeling I get when I know I’m falling behind with the keeping-our-family-organized chore as the paperwork piled around my desk.

And what happened? All those anxieties and stresses slipped my mind as I was at home trying to make supper and keep up with the rest of life. Oops.

Oh well. We’ll just have to make the most of classes starting next week!