More Images of the Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre in Toronto

The Aga Khan Museum recently revealed its new logo!

Aga Khan Museum Logo
Aga Khan Museum Logo

Here are more images of the plans and construction for the new Aga Khan Museum being built in Toronto!


It will be located in Don Mills across the street from the Ontario Science Centre. It seems like the long-awaited museum is getting much closer to completion! Their building is progressing and staff are being hired… I’m excited to see that now, in early June of 2013, they are hiring more local staff including someone to head up their development department and someone else to mange their exhibitions and public programs. This will be the first museum in North America devoted to Islamic art.

Blouin Artinfo has this article from February 2013 on the museum and cultural centre. The article was written just after the foundation ceremony attended by the Aga Khan, Stephen Harper, and almost 1,000 others. At that occasion, the Aga Khan explained why Toronto was chosen over other cities as the home for the museum. Canada’s pluralism and welcome to displaced Muslims was important as is the location of the city and the large number of potential visitors to the museum from southern Ontario.

BlogTO has this article from January 2011 on the beginning stages of the construction of the museum. They see this museum as part of the larger cycle of museum renovation and expansion in Toronto which includes the recent AGO and ROM (and Gardner!) architectural projects. Harris notes that the site for the museum in Don Mills needed to be cleared of the previous building, the Bata Shoes Head Office.

Urban Toronto has this page with some nice renderings of the complex. The museum will have exhibition galleries and auditoriums for lectures, films, and musical performances.

For even more images of the architectural plans, go to the Heritage Society.

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