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Pattern and Light: The Aga Khan Museum

Title: Pattern and Light: The Aga Khan Museum
Text: Philip Jodidio, Ruba Kana’an, Assadullah Melikian-Chirvani and Luis Monreal, Preface by Henry S. Kim
Price: $50.00
ISBN: 9780847844296
Publisher: Skira Rizzoli
Language: English
Available: September 16, 2014

Blurb on Rizzoliusa.com:

“An introduction to 1,400 years of Islamic art and culture as seen through the stunning and diverse masterpieces of the new Aga Khan Museum. Opening in 2014 in Toronto, the Aga Khan Museum will be a showplace for Islamic art and culture unlike anything in the Western Hemisphere. This richly illustrated volume features the new museum and park complex and more than one hundred rare treasures from one of the most important collections of Islamic art and objects in the world, assembled by His Highness the Aga Khan and his family. Masterpieces of design, texture, and artistry created from 600 AD to the 1800s in Spain, North Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, Iran, Central Asia, India, and China, the works include radiant illuminations and calligraphy; marvels in ivory, wood, glass, and metal; and exquisite paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and textiles.